D and N Electronics, your source for  “Magnetic Components and More” since 2007, is now
Powering the lighting revolution!

Now that filament lamps are being replaced by energy-saving lamps, LED light sources are the newest resolution! Although the development of high-powered LED’s is critical, the power source is especially important because it determines the efficiency and operation life of the entire lighting system.

LED’s are semi-conductors” and therefore demand special knowledge on behalf of designers. Besides the aesthetic and ergonometric aspects to consider, they must also deal with power supply issues, which determine the lighting output and operating life.

D and N Electronics is proud to announce its new line of Up to 100 Watts LED drivers!

These AC/DC or DC/DC value added complete solutions are available in potted or open frame, pin and screw terminals, with plugs or SMD versions.

All of our Drivers feature a 2 year warranty.

Pertinent specifications include:

Efficiency: Up to 90%
Line Regulation: +/- 1%
Load regulation: +/-5%
Ripple and Noise: 2% Vo P-P
OVP: 120-150% Vo
Operating Temperature Range: -30 to +70degrees C
Waterproof: IP67-Output Voltage fixed.

For more information or to place an order, please contact:

Sheri Lynn
D and N Electronics